Climate Change and Environmental Justice

We have had the unique opportunity to coordinate regional, national and international environmental campaigns in collaboration with a wide range of organizations. The goal of the Climate Change and Environmental Justice initiative is to consolidate and help strategically position an expanded field of collaboration led by indigenous peoples on the issue of climate justice.

Planning and consultations will commence in the winter of 2024 and continue throughout the year, with events well into 2025. The outcome will be the creation and engagement of an unprecedented multi-sectoral collaboration grounded in greater cross-cultural competency and will include Salish Sea tribal communities, environmental organizations, the faith community, communities of color and institutions of higher learning that can efficiently and respectfully act in support of the indigenous- led climate justice movement.

In 2024 Se’Si’Le will also be available to advise the Climate Action Group at the Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The focus will be on key values, cultural protocols, and priority actions for climate justice work that will promote enduring partnerships with Indigenous communities and that respect Indigenous perspectives on ancestral knowledge across a range of climate action and climate justice issues.

Climate Change and Environmental JusticeSe’Si’Le Board Members and the Director of the Environmental Solutions Initiative and staff in 2023 at English Camp on San Juan Island.