about us

Se’Si’Le (saw-see’-law) is an indigenous-led nonprofit in Washington State.  Our name, Se’Si’Le, means “our grandmother” in Xw’lemi-chosen (the language of the Lummi Indians).

“We sit in the lap of Mother Earth learning all there is to learn…
not all at once, but built up over a lifetime, every day.
We need to keep learning.
To never quit learning.”
-- Lummi Elder --

Se’Si’Le is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of indigenous knowledge and how we can best appreciate the nature of Nature.

We endeavor through publications, workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences to create a new dialogue, dialogic, and discourse to bring to the broader narrative an honoring  of our sacred obligation to our caretaker Mother Nature.

We have held seminars and workshops from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, and in Europe  in a variety  of workshop,  seminar, and university settings. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate introspection, reflection on ways of knowing knowledge, and exploring how different ways of  knowing can honor the past, speak truth in the present, and provide leave an honorable legacy for future  generations.

about us Our Sacred Obligations Mural created by Melanie Schambach